I'm @brandur, an occasional writer, and platform engineer on Crunchy Bridge. Previously, Stripe and Heroku.

This site is where I publish words and photos. The section that's most updated most often is atoms, small multimedia particles reminiscent of a Twitter feed. I update my now page monthly according to what I'm working on and thinking about. I publish a newsletter as often as I can.

Once in a while, I write longer form articles on technical subjects like APIs, Go, or Postgres:

I put short stream of consciousness thoughts into tiny posts called fragments:

  • ICQ May 24, 2024

    The ICQ universe will formally end on June 26th, 2024. Originally developed in 1996, that makes it 28 years old. What an incredible run.

  • Notes on implementing dark mode May 23, 2024

    Not a dark mode tutorial, but a few notes on some specific refinements of a good dark mode implementation like tri-state instead of bi-state toggle, avoiding page flicker, and responding to theme changes from other tabs or the OS.

  • Use of Go's `cmp.Or` for multi-field sorting May 15, 2024

    A more elegant way to sort on multiple fields using Go 1.22’s cmp.Or helper.

I write a newsletter about the philosophy of software called Nanoglyph: