A now page is an occasionally updated summary of what I'm working on and what I'm thinking about. See atoms for a more frequently changing stream.

I’m back home in Calgary for the holidays, staring into the precipice of 2023 which between money markets, strife, and war is shaping up to be a formidable year.

At work, we’re aiming to build the best database-as-a-service in the world. I shipped more features over the last year than the previous five combined, and which were built into a robust stack that to this day has less tech debt than many two-week-old startups (I’m kind of proud of it, you might be able to tell). We have another aggressive roadmap for 2023, and I’ll be doing my best to make sure that we don’t slip.

I added a couple new sections to the site recently:

  • Atoms: Short multimedia particles minus the stress of a social media platform (atom feed).
  • Sequences: Periodic large format photos paired with prose. An older project, but one which I recently revived, flattened, and republished.

A few weeks before that I became somewhat enamored by the idea of Spring ‘83 and ended up writing a server implementation which is now in prod and hosts my board. I don’t think Twitter is being displaced anytime soon, but these indy web projects are great.

In 2023: write, move, visit France.

This page was last updated on December 28, 2022.