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I’m in San Francisco, where inertia keeps me rooted.

Work on Crunchy Bridge continues. As part of filling out a self-evaluation last week I scanned every pull request I’ve issued over the last year, and I liked what I saw. What we’ve shipped during that time is above and beyond any org I’ve worked at before. Small teams, agile tech stacks, and lack of a culture of objection-for-objection’s-sake do wonders for productivity.

A few things I sent out the door recently:

  • Multi-factor authentication, supporting WebAuthn (Yubikeys and biometric challenges like Touch ID) and TOTP (time-based one-time passwords). (Notes on getting this shipped quickly.)
  • An asynchronous query runner that’s built to scale by taking advantage of Go’s parallelism, by storing results to S3 instead of Postgres, and which prunes its results regularly.
  • Retired our use of Keycloak, which involved many smaller tasks like adopting a fancy new password hashing scheme.

Pre-lockdown, I’d gotten into the best shape of my life by baking exercise into my schedule with a daily run commute, fitness which I unfortunately let languish. Newly armed with a WeWork pass and gym membership (for the showers), I’m bringing it back. A straight shot from the mountain down Market St to Embarcadero – 50km/week if I keep it up.

Next month, Europe.

This page was last updated on Apr 9, 2022.