Passages & Glass

Passages & Glass is my newsletter about exploration, ideas, and software. So far it's been about the world's least frequently sent newsletter, averaging about three to four times a year.

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The premise

The details of most journeys are forgotten. It’s nothing intentional, but given enough time they stop coming up in conversation, we reflect on them more rarely, and they’re eventually swallowed by our fickle memory. Physical (and digital) traces remain, but most of us are hopelessly bad at regularly sifting through a lifetime’s accumulation of souvenirs.

Passages & Glass aims to counteract this effect by pulling highlights into a permanent digital artifact. It contains no marketing, and really is just a collection of stories and thinking in a less formal medium.

The name

Passages refers to the routes that we use to get from one point to another, like Hannibal’s passage through the Alps, Magellan’s famous strait, or in the case of my far more mundane life, a favorite walk from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg. Glass is the material making up the face of prized possessions like my iPhone or Submariner, the window through which to watch the passing countryside by air or rail, or the intricate optics of my camera’s lens.

The philosophy

Passages & Glass is about the independent web. It’s sent via the only universal medium of communication that we have (email) in the most open formats available (plain text and HTML), and is my infinitesimally small way of pushing back against the continued centralization and confinement of our content in closed platforms like Facebook.