I write two newsletters: a weekly on software called Nanoglyph, and one that's less frequently sent on a wider variety of topics called Passages & Glass.

They're a small contribution to the independent web. Sent via the only universal medium of communication that we have (email) in the most open formats available (plain text and HTML), they're a tiny resistance to the continued centralization and confinement of content in closed platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Nanoglyph is a weekly newsletter about software, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability. It usually consists of a few links with editorial.

It's experimental and not widely distributed. The format is still very much malleable – consider subscribing and hitting reply to let me know what you think about it so that I'll know what to do.

See a sample edition of Nanoglyph.

Passages & Glass

The details of most journeys are forgotten. It’s nothing intentional, but given enough time they stop coming up in conversation, we reflect on them more rarely, and they’re eventually swallowed by fickle memory. Physical (and digital) traces remain, but most of us are hopelessly bad at regularly sifting through a lifetime’s accumulation of souvenirs.

Passages & Glass aims to counteract this effect by pulling highlights into a permanent digital artifact. A collection of stories in an informal medium, with a healthy dose of software philosophy.

So far it's been the world's least frequently sent newsletter, averaging about three to four times a year. Consider signing up to keep in touch.

See a sample edition of Passages & Glass.