In a surprise twist, Chris Wanstrath (@defunkt), one of the founders of GitHub, has taken back to Twitter after a long dormancy. Better yet, the subject matter is entirely about engineering, product, and occasionally metal. For example:

Last tidbit on DMs: We almost moved from MySQL to Postgres early on, and even had a branch going, but some of the horrible SQL queries I wrote for the private messaging feature didn’t work in Postgres. So, MySQL stayed.

You have to wonder about the counterfactual there, in which GitHub switched to Postgres and had to scale it, possibly having to develop a Vitess-like layer on top.

GitHub may just be the only decent candidate for the Apple of our generation, a company that did product well, continues to do it well, didn’t fail or turn evil, and whose history is something you’d actually want to read about. Chris, maybe do a book next?

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