I implemented dark mode for this website, which you should be able to enable using the toggle in the upper right. I figure that if even Google search can do it given what’s sure to be millions of lines worth of legacy code, then I should be able to as well.

I’ll write more about this soon, but by far the hardest part about dark mode is restyling. A site like this one not only has accumulated thousands of pages over the years, but also a dozen major templates of varying quality, each of which needs attention to support such a colossal change. I’ve slowly been moving over to Tailwind since last year and as I did, it gave me time to do some spring cleaning on the template system. Without Tailwind and that cleanup, adding dark mode would’ve been such a big job that I’m not sure I ever would’ve gotten around to it.

This site is a constant WIP and I’m sure I’ll be making some tweaks over the coming months, but if you notice any major usability problems that I missed, open a GitHub issue.