The girl next door

As a strange coincidence, I just read that for years I lived across the street from Kamala Harris. And I don’t mean “on the same street”, I mean literally right on the other side of it.

Too bad I don’t have even one good story to tell. The only indication of her presence was the black, armored SUV that would sit there blocking the sidewalk for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning, apparently waiting that long for her to come down. I remember my landlord saying once that it was because the city’s DA lived there, and knew that Harris was a formerly SF’s DA, but never made the connection.

This was on a little SOMA alley called Clara. It was right next to some of the worst parts of SF – dangerous speeding on Harrison St as drivers flew off the I-80 without adjusting for no longer being on a highway, the site of a gruesome body-in-fish-tank murder, never-ending day-and-night traffic/construction noise, and infamous 6th Street – but it was a stone’s throw from many startup offices in the area, so quite convenient.

I moved out years ago, and that was one of the best ideas of my life. The context of this article was Kamala selling her condo on Clara (list: $799k), and I assume it was equally good for her.

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