The iPad Mini

After almost three years of continuous usage and ownership, it’s time for a write-up on my one of my favorite pieces of technology ever: the iPad Mini.

I bought the first ever iPad in 2010, and it didn’t work out for me. Despite being a huge novelty item at the time, it was too big and too heavy. I eventually stopped carrying it with me, and gave it away shortly afterwards.

I tried again three years later with the first retina version of the iPad Mini, and this time it clicked. The high-resolution screen is perfect for rendering text and content that’s normally printed on standard sized paper. Between books, magazines, comics, and papers, I regularly log 10+ hours a week on the device. Unlike on a PC, the single tasking nature of iOS is a huge advantage for reading these types of long form media in that it encourages focus over split-brain multi-tasking.

In a disposable age of planned obsolescence, the device’s longevity has also come a nice surprise. The high-quality build makes it feel as good as the day I bought it, and both the battery and screen have aged well enough that I feel no need to go out and buy a new generation 1.

1 The Mini itself is a rugged device, but its smart cover isn’t quite so resistant to the trials of time. I’ve had to replace it once so far after it started falling apart.

The iPad Mini

June 12, 2016

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