Berlin’s best breakfast – located in Friedrichshain, Silo Coffee’s Australian-inspired menu features some dishes that are simple-yet-delectably assembled like poached eggs on toast with bacon and avocado, all the way up to more exotic fare like chorizo sausage baked in tomato sauce and served in a small cast iron pan.

This photo was taken just a few minutes after opening during one if its quieter moments, but it’s easy to see that Silo is a neighborhood favorite. Half an hour later all its blocky little benches inside and out would be full – and this was a weekday.

I spent my first few nights in Friedrichshain, and there Silo was an obvious breakfast choice, but regardless of where I was staying later in the trip, I often found myself commuting back to visit once again. Just one more flat white before I go.

Published June 29, 2019.

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