I first visited Berlin 2011, expecting a clean and efficient German capital. Not only was it neither of those things, but it swung far in the other direction, and I was charmed by its unique oddities – ubiquitous graffiti, bars without defined closing times (usually open until 4 AM and later, if they close at all), and prodigious levels of open air beer consumption.

It’s a city still in transition as it heals from the division that ended with the fall of Wall in ‘89, still a recent event by historical standards. A sordid history led to some good things, as a low cost of living and a glut of cheap real estate led to decades of blossoming art and creativity. From night clubs located in old power plants, to airports become public parks, to spas where you can relax to the sounds of hard techno – for encountering the unexpected, there’s no better place on Earth.

A few visits later it’s still my favorite city, and I try to coax out a few new and interesting things whenever I visit. It’s never hard.

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