2015 resolutions (update)

Oct 18, 2015

As we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s time for a quick revisit to my assembled resolutions for 2015. Verdict: not good.

Run 1700 km.

I’m back on track recently to hit roughly 1600 km, but 1700 is going to be tough to reach. (0/1)

Lose 16 lbs. (8 lbs. by the end of June) – this one’s a classic.

I don’t have easy access to a scale right now, but I’m nowhere near down 16 lbs. Probably closer to 5 lbs. My more recent exercise trajectory combined with healthier eating at Stripe may still give me a shot at this one, but the magnitude will still be a stretch. (0/1)

Play a rendition of Together We Will Live Forever on the guitar (even if it’s a poor one).

My guitar’s been improving steadily, and I can do a beginner’s rendition of a few songs now, but Together We Will Live Forever is a challenge that I’m unlikely to hit. Honestly, this one might be more of a failure of overly optimistic goal setting rather than a failure of regular practice. (0/1)

Write one article every two weeks and two fragments every one week.

I’m writing, but nowhere close to this frequency. (0/1)

Medidate four times a week.

Abject failure. Averaging zero times a week. (0/1)

Ship a sustainable real-time API (i.e. event stream).

Done. (11)

Build out a service for internal API consolidation (i.e. “API umbrella”).

Mostly done. Unfortunately this project got caught on the threshold between two jobs, but I wrote the code and it worked. My team at Heroku may still stay on track to take it to production. (11)

Write something interesting enough to make it to the front page of HN twice (I made it twice in 2014, so just hold a steady pace).

I made it once so far. (0.51)

Get two surfing trips in and get moderately good by doing so.

I didn’t make it on any surfing vacations so far. (0/1)

Score: 2.59. Fairing very poorly.

A major rally is going to be needed to recover most of these (if it’s even possible at all). I’m going to retarget my running for my 2014 goal of 1600 km because I never hit that, and if I do hit that number at this point I’ll consider myself to be doing well (I’m sitting at just under 1200 km right now). For both writing articles and meditation, I’m going to cheat a little and still give them to myself if I can get the habits started at this point and keep them up through the end of the year.

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